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Perfume Samples And Decants Orders

Perfume Samples And Decants Orders

We carefully decant all perfumes and samples from our large collection of perfumes and fragrances in our store. As you can see one of our customers ordered a very big order of samples and decants here and they were having a big event and these samples and decants were inserted into gift bags and everyone that went to their event got to smell so nice wearing perfumes or fragrances or cologne from samples and decants that our customer purchased from our store. 

Each of the samples and decants you purchase from Perfume Samples And Decants is carefully decanted into plastic atomizers for 1ml and 2ml samples. And glass atomizers for 5ml, 10ml and 30ml decants. If you order 1ml samples you will receive a 2ml plastic atomizer filled halfway. If you order a 2ml sample you will receive a 2ml plastic sample atomizer filled all the way. 

See pictures below. 

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