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About Perfume Samples And Decants

Perfume Samples and Decants was created to help people learn more about fragrances without risking the cost of full bottles.

Our goal is to help novices discover the amazing world of scents, as well as providing experienced "frag heads" a simple and low cost way of staying up with the ever growing world of new products.

  • We're a small team of fragrance lovers who love to share what we know.
  • We buy full bottle and salt them into small 1 mil samples and 10 mil decants
  • Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but traveling the world to learn and bring you more
  • Contact us using the form in the Contact Us link (above).
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest to stay up to date.

Tell us more about you and what you'd like to learn or explore and we'll do our best to help. Use the Contact Us form to reach us. We love hearing from all our audience. No experience needed. No stupid questions.

How to use Website?

At the top of the Website there are several menus. Perfume Catalog is where all the fragrances and perfumes we have for sale currently. The What's New menu contains the newest offerings at The What's Popular menu contains the most popular sellers at 

To the left of the Website you can select perfumes and fragrances by most dominant notes in the fragrances. Scrolling down this list you can also select perfumes and fragrances by Type such as EDC, EDP, EDT or Extrait. Lastly you can also select perfumes and fragrances by brands at the very bottom of the left hand column. Good luck on your hunt for perfume samples and decants and let us know if you have questions with anything by sending us an email to 

About Perfume Samples And Decants