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The Perfumes Samples and Decants online shop was launched in 2016 to help perfume lovers learn more about fragrances without risking the cost of purchasing full bottles. We sell fragrance samples prepared from 100% real original fragrances we purchase at retail stores - Louis Vuitton, Neiman-Marcus, Saks, Nordstroms, etc. and decant into small sizes so you can test samples of perfumes you've been meaning to try.

We do not sell full bottles of perfumes.

We do not manufacture any fragrances. 

We do not dilute fragrances.

PLEASE NOTE: The photos we use in our store are only for identification of each fragrance. What you receive is a "portion" of the real thing, but will not look like the original bottle. No one packages samples in vials that look like the original bottles. We use the highest quality bottles and sprayers available. We purchase them from the same company that supplies most of the name brand fragrances on the market today.

This is an example of an original bottle and what we ship our customers:

Due to recent issues with Covid 19 and shipping problems, we are unable to get our normal 3ml, 5ml or 10ml bottles. In addition, we've had leakage due to screw-on tops.

GOOD NEWS: We now have a supplier that also provides most all the name brands of fragrances on the market today. And, they are Press On tops to prevent leakage.

We currently ship:

2.67ml in 2.67ml glass bottles

5mls in 5.75ml glass bottles (they will appear to be less then full, but will be a full 5ml amount of fragrance)

10ml in two 5.75ml glass bottles (they will appear to be less then full, but will be a full 10ml amount of fragrance)

Our goal is to help you discover the amazing world of fragrances, as well as providing experienced "frag heads" a simple and low cost way of staying up to date with the ever growing world of new fragrances. We're constantly adding new perfumes in our store. The newest launches, the greatest fragrances. 

  • We're a small team of perfume lovers who love what we do.
  • We buy full bottles from official sources at full retail and hand decant them into small 3mL, 5mL, 10mL spray bottles..
  •        The next day, we hand carry all our orders directly to the United
           States Post Office to make sure nothing gets lost.
  •        As soon as we hand over packages to the post office you will receive 
           tracking number. 
  • Our office is located in Northern California, but we travel the world to learn about new releases and bring you more new treasures to try.
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How to use Website?

At the top of the Website there are several menus. Catalog is where you will find all the fragrances and perfumes we have for sale currently in the store. The New menu contains the newest offerings at

Shop by Notes

The left column of the shop allows you to select fragrances by the most prominent notes in the fragrances.

Shop by Strength of Fragrance

Scrolling down the list in the left column, you can also select perfumes and fragrances by type such as EDC - Eau De Cologne, EDP - Eau De Parfum, EDT - Eau De Toilette or Extrait - Pure Perfume.

Shop by Brand

You can also select perfumes and fragrances by brands at the very bottom of the left column.

Good luck on your hunt for perfume samples and decants. Have fun shopping and smelling great.