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Perfume Samples And Decants FAQs

Are your samples real?

Yes, all our samples are 100% the same as the originals. We purchase them at a retail stores, just like you would. We purchase from Neiman-Marcus, Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom, Saks and Macy's regularly. We pay full retail for our bottles. Then we decant as customers order samples. Our stock is always fresh, so rest assured, you're getting the real thing. The goal of our little company is to help people sample fragrances before purchasing more expensive full bottles.

What containers do you use?

PLEASE NOTE: The photos we use in our store are only for identification of each fragrance. What you receive is a "portion" of the real thing, but will not look like the original bottle. No one packages samples in vials that look like the original bottles. Some companies use cheap sprayers, we use the highest quality ones available. 

This is an example of an original bottle and what we ship our customers:

All our samples and decants are sent in high quality glass atomizer bottles in three sizes - 3ml, 5ml, 10ml - pictured here. 

How long will it take to get my order?

Shipping times depend on the shipping method you choose. Please visit this page for details.

Why we don't ship outside the US and Canada?

We tried shipping globally for several years and unfortunately, a lot of orders went missing. Missing packages create large expenses and customer disappointment. Neither are good for our business, so we stopped. We love our global customers, but it's just way to expensive to continue, so we had to stop.

What is a perfume sample?

A sample is a small quantity, usually one or two milliliters of fragrance designed to sample the fragrance of you choice. It's a small size to help you get the essence of the scent, so you can try it out and decide if you want to purchase a larger size or possibly a whole bottle. We no longer sell 1 ml or 2 ml samples. 

We prefer to sell 3ml atomizers, 5ml atomizers or 10ml atomizers, 30ml atomizers to give customers a larger size to truly test the fragrance in a variety of locations, weather and environments before moving to a larger size. Fragrances react in different ways, due to the nature of the ingredients.

What is a perfume decant?

A decant is a larger size, usually 5, 10 or 30 milliliter sprayers that allows you to wear the fragrance several times, so you can thoroughly test the fragrance - get people's opinions and find out if it's right for you and if it works with your body chemistry before you move forward with a larger or full bottle purchase from your favorite retailer. And. some people like to have a large variety of fragrances in travel sized decants to take in a carry on, and through TSA. 

What is Eau De Cologne (EDC)?

Eau De Cologne is the most diluted version of fragrance or perfume, usually 2% to 5% of perfume oil. These Eau De Colognes generally tend to be splash kind of perfumes. 

What is Eau De Toilette (EDT)?

These are lighter still but generally most of the department store fragrances tend to be Eau De Toilette with a few being Eau De Parfum. Generally 4% to 15% perfume oil goes into an Eau De Toilette and are certainly stronger and last longer than Eau De Colognes. 

What is Eau De Parfum (EDP)?

Eau De Parfum is stronger than Eau De Toilette and of course much stronger than Eau De Cologne. Normally the perfume concentration that goes into making Eau De Parfum is 10% to 20%.

What is Extrait De Parfum or Pure Perfume?

Extrait De Parfum or just Perfume is the strongest concentration of perfume you can purchase. Perfumes generally tend to contain 15% to 40% of perfume oils and tend to last a lot longer than Eau De Parfums and much longer than Eau De Toilette's and Eau De Cologne's.

Please refer back to our Perfume Samples And Decants FAQs page frequently for any new updates to our FAQs page. If you have questions, please send us a note and we'll answer as quickly as possible. Thank you for being a customer. We always appreciate your business and telling others. 

Perfume Samples And Decants FAQs