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Perfume Samples And Decants FAQs

Perfume Samples And Decants FAQs

What is a sample?

A sample is a small quantity, usually one or two milliliters of fragrance designed to sample the fragrance of you choice. It's a small size to help you get the essence of the scent, so you can try it out and decide if you want to purchase a larger size or possibly a whole bottle. Samples are shipped in two mls (milliliter) plastic, sprayer containers. Perfect for the sample shopper.

What is a decant?

A decant is a larger size, usually 5, 10 or 30mls (milliliter) sprayers that allows you to wear the fragrance several times, so you can thoroughly test the fragrance - get people's opinions and find out if it's right for you and if it works with your body chemistry before you move forward with a larger purchase - perfect for the person who wants more testing of the fragrance, before a purchase of a full bottle. OR, some people like to have a large variety of fragrances in small travel sized containers. Decants under 30mls (milliliter)  are the best options to take on a carry on, on an airplane through the TSA. 

What are the containers you use?

All samples and decant bottles are shipped as sprayers. We do NOT like those little plastic "daubers", because they don't provide you with a good experience of the fragrance you want to test. 1ml and 2ml samples are shipped in plastic 2ml atomizers. 1ml is filled halfway and 2mls is filed to the top. 5ml, 10ml and 30ml decants are in glass atomizers. 

Why was my order for one mil shipped in a two mil sprayer?

Because we don't like "daubers", we decided that our customers want the best possible experience for testing fragrances available on the market. One mil sprayers in glass aren't available, so we chose to use 2mil plastic sprayers and fill them half full, rather than demoting them to the typical 1ml "dauber" containers.

How long will it take to get my order?

Shipping times depend on the shipping method you choose. We do our best to ship as soon as we receive your order, usually 2 days but with weekends and holidays, the time will vary slightly. We want to get you your order as quickly as possible, so you can find out how great we are, so you'll come back often and continue to enjoy more and enjoy more fragrances. 

What is Eau De Cologne (EDC)?

Eau De Cologne is the most diluted version of fragrance or perfume, usually 2% to 5% of perfume oil. These Eau De Colognes generally tend to be splash kind of perfumes. 

What is Eau De Toilette (EDT)?

These are lighter still but generally most of the department store fragrances tend to be Eau De Toilette with a few being Eau De Parfum. Generally 4% to 15% perfume oil goes into an Eau De Toilette and are certainly stronger and last longer than Eau De Colognes. 

What is Eau De Parfum (EDP)?

Eau De Parfum is stronger than Eau De Toilette and of course much stronger than Eau De Cologne. Normally the perfume concentration that goes into making Eau De Parfum is 10% to 20%.

What is Extrait De Parfum?

Extrait De Parfum or just Perfume is the strongest concentration of perfume you can purchase. Perfumes generally tend to contain 15% to 40% of perfume oils and tend to last a lot longer than Eau De Parfums and much longer than Eau De Toilette's and Eau De Cologne's.

Please refer back to our Perfume Samples And Decants FAQs page frequently for any new updates to our FAQs page. 

Perfume Samples And Decants FAQs