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Shipping, Damage & Refunds

Shipping, Damage & Refunds


NOTE: There is NO insurance for regular USPS shipping. If you choose to make sure your package is insured, please consider Priority Shipping. If you fear having delivery issues from apartment building lobby mailboxes or unprotected mailbox, consider Priority Shipping.

Please see the note below about Missing Items


US Customers ONLY:
Orders of $69 or more (Not including tax)
USPS First Class Mail with Tracking
Add Signature Confirmation for $2.90


US Customers:
Orders under $49 - $4.99
USPS First Class Mail with Tracking
Add Signature Confirmation for $2.90

Canadian Customers:
First Class orders under $149 - $11.99
Includes First Class Mail with Tracking.


US Customers:
USPS Priority Mail with Tracking - $9.49
Includes Insurance

Canadian Customers:
USPS Priority Mail with Tracking - $29.17
Includes Insurance 


Shipping Dates:

Generally, we fill orders every Monday and hand carry them to the local US Post Office to be scanned into the USPS system on Tuesday. The Post Office system creates a tracking number that is automatically emailed to each customer. We do our best to stick with this schedule, but sometimes we're overwhelmed with orders and we have to adjust. Thanks for understanding. 

We would love to offer instant shipping, but in order to keep our prices low, we can only ship once each week.

Refund Policy:

All orders are hand decanted on a custom basis for each customer. It's one reason we have a very strict NO REFUNDS policy. Also, we follow the same guidelines as pharmacies selling prescription drugs. NO RETURNS. We cannot resell fragrances that have been decanted for a custom order. Thank you for understanding.

Damaged Items:

If your fragrance is damaged during shipping please send us a message including photos of the packaging and the contents, which we need to see, in order to determine what happened. If we determine it was due to a problem on our side, we usually resend the fragrance or refund the order. 

Missing Items:

If your package has gone missing, but your tracking shows "Delivered", please check with neighbors and your postal delivery person, or the post office. Use your tracking number to show proof and they'll try to locate your package. Sometimes delivery problems occur and the package is returned to us. If this happen, we will gladly resend the package after checking the shipping details you entered into our store. 

Sadly, if tracking shows "Delivered" and it's still missing, we can't be held responsible, because it's the responsibility of USPS. Keep in mind that regular USPS shipping has no insurance, but Priority Shipping does, so consider using Priority Shipping if the value of your order is significant. 

About us:

Perfume Samples and Decants is an honest, fair-dealing business, created for people who like to try a fragrance before purchasing a full bottle. PS&D is also perfect for customers who may not be close to a retailer that sells a fragrance they want, or just wants to learn more about the wonderful world of fragrance.

100% Guarantee All our fragrances are original, produced by the brand that creates the fragrance. We purchase full bottles and pay retail, so we know everything we offer is fresh and exactly what it available in stores. And, we keep our fragrances in a specially cooled environment to keep them fresh.

We never sell imitation fragrances or clones - ONLY ones that were originally produced by the company that makes the fragrances. We start with full bottles of name brand fragrances and hand spray into smaller decant bottles of various sizes offered in the shop.