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Where is my Order?

Where's my ORDER?

Unfortunately, orders often take longer than normal. USPS went though a huge loss of seasoned people, due to Covid deaths and many unscheduled retirements. They are hiring people quickly, but they need to be trained too. On the plus side, 97% of all our packages get delivered. Some are just late.
We hand carry all our packages directly to USPS and make sure they are correctly logged in to the USPS system. We ship once a week on Thursdays for orders that come in before noon on Monday.
After we hand off packages to USPS, it's the responsibility of USPS, so you may need to take your tracking number to the closest USPS office and have them track it for you.
We wish we had hundreds of employees, so we could ship every day, but we're a tiny company doing our best to keep costs down and delivering the best original fragrances we purchase at retail stores from Neiman-Marcus, Saks, Nordstroms and even Harrod's and Selfridges in London. 

DELIVERED, Label Created, not yet in system OR LOST

Is it possible someone else picked it up for you? Is your mailbox safe from theft?
We hear this happens a couple times a month with different customers, but 99% of the time, the packages surface. One woman took a package for her neighbor thinking was on vacation. That took almost two weeks for her to sort out. Someone else reported her son picked up her package and put in in a drawer. That took almost a month for her to discover it. Another customer had an order that was over $200 and missing since mid December. He checked with the PO and they printed out a full sheet of where the package had gone - from us to him, rejected by someone else, sent back to our shipping facility, then it went back to him and back and forth several times. Turned out, someone had partially removed our shipping label, then hand copied the address onto the package. No one knows why, but he finally got it. We have a lot more examples, but hopefully you get the idea. Strange things can happen to delay packages. 
Just so you know, we do all we can to make sure our customers get their packages, we never trust anyone to make sure they get into the USPS system, so we hand carry every package to the Post Office. They scan the packages into their system while we stand there to make sure it's done 100% correctly. After that, it's the responsibility of USPS. If anything such as a broken bottle comes though, we take responsibility and re-send the order, but for packages lost by USPS or theft, we can't take that responsibility, because we have no control over what happens after we hand the packages to USPS.  We ship 500-600 packages each month and rarely have packages that never show up, which is great.
For future orders, using a "signature requested" is helpful, or insurance, or Priority Mail, which has insurance.
Please do the following:
- Ask neighbors if they received your package by mistake?
- Ask your mail carrier.
- Print this out and take it to your local USPS office and have them give you a complete tracking of the package.
AND, are you sure your mailboxes are theft proof? 
We hate to say this, but USPS is having issues due to Covid with a lot of long term people gone and new less experienced people are doing their best to learn as quickly as possible.
We don't want you to lose out, but we're not a big company and can't afford to replace a fragrance without having customers check carefully. Also, we get scammers saying something was lost when it wasn't. We're sure you're not one of them, but we ask that you make the effort to try to find out on your end what happened. I wish we had control over USPS, but we don't. 
Please check and let us know what you find out.